Apps and books by Bart Cline

Personal Audio Studio, the smartphone app that makes voice recording for podcasts, audio books, and narrations as easy as it can possibly be.
Book one of three. The story of a modern King of England who overthrows the government to rule his country as the kings of old.
Book two of three. The country, still reeling from the King’s successful coup, divides into factions. The King, suffering a terrible tragedy, disappears and leaves a void which a strong leader must step up to fill.
Book three of three. The Princess steps forward to do what is necessary to save her father’s kingdom. Standing against England are Scotland, the European Union, and the mighty USA!
A police detective, suspended for extreme insubordination, cannot let go of his latest case as he continues to process the evidence… in his dreams.
A young woman backpacking around Europe finds love and promptly loses it. Determined to find him again, her search takes her to the darkest places in her soul. Will she find what she wants – or what she needs?