Personal Audio Studio

The Personal Audio Studio is the easiest app you will ever find for recording podcasts, audio books, narrations, or any other spoken-word sound projects.

Read on to see why!


It’s so easy to get started. When the app opens you see this screen. Touch the New Recording button to… you guessed it, create a new recording.

Or, if you are returning to your work in progress, Previous Recordings will take you to… that’s right, your previous recordings.


At the next screen, you give your recording a name.

If you are recording an audio book, we suggest breaking your work up into chapters. Name them something like “My Book 001”, where 001 is the chapter number. Lead with zeroes to make the recordings sort reliably, going from 009 to 010, and from 099 to 100.

For an audio blog post or podcast, name them similarly, perhaps using episode numbers, like 0093, or s01e23 (“s” for season, “e” for episode).

Then press “Create New”.


Next, we press “Record”, and the app begins recording.

This is a good point to explain the working theory behind our app. Now that it is recording, just speak one or two sentences, perhaps 10 seconds.


As soon as you have completed speaking your sentence, press “Stop”.


The recording segment completed, we are now ready to decide if we are happy with it.

Press “Play/Review” to check it. Listen to it as many times as needed to decide if you spoke clearly and without stumbling over any words.

If we decide our recording segment was not good enough, we can press “Discard”. That removes the segment and returns to step 3.

If the recording segment is perfect, press “Commit”. This saves it. This will also return you to step 3.

As you progress through your recording, the “Total recording time” will update accordingly.

At step 3 you can also press the “Finish” button. This returns you to step 1.

At step 1 if you press the “Previous Recordings” button you will see this screen.


Here is a list of your previous recordings.

Choose one by pressing it. This enables the buttons.

“Continue Recording” allows you to resume where you left off with the selected recording, taking you to step 3.

“Share / Export” allows you to save the recording as an audio file which you may use for any purpose you wish.

“Delete Recording” removes the recording from the list and deletes it from your device. You cannot get it back after deleting.


Don’t accidentally delete a recording you still want!

The app will ask your confirmation to head off any accidents.

And that is how this app works. You probably didn’t really need this explanation, did you?

Download the app today, and simplify your audio life!